Saturday, March 31, 2012

Here We Go Again

Deja vu -- the general feeling that you have been there before, going through the same motions, doing the exact same thing as you did before. Usually deja vu does not stem from any real experience, only dreams and false memories.

Before we get into that, let me introduce myself. I am Jobel Vecino, a rising senior at Hercules High School, and this is my second year with the ILC.

Today, I sat inside a computer room watching Don dictate the procedures for blogging while many people were having problems accessing blogger. Yep, this was deja vu, as real as it can get. The locale was different and the people were different, but in the metaphysical sense, this was very much the same situation as before.

It amazes me that my first tutorial session is already a year past. My memories of that time, of blogging late nights in hotel rooms and watching Shakespeare in the gardens, of eating in insanely high-class restaurants and knowing every day that my friends were just down the hallway, those memories seem both so fresh and so far. Yes, it seems to be a contradiction, but when one is feeling nostalgic, what isn't?

But what I do know is quite simple. I am excited. Excited to see the new journey ahead of us and every single memory I have yet to make, every day I have yet to familiarize myself with people that do not know I exist yet, of every way that this next chapter will help me learn, understand, and grow. I am more than ready to embark to Yale.
The Yale campus. Credit:
But in the meantime, I get to write speeches, proof blogs, read a plethora of pieces, and learn how to align my photographs. It may not feel as exciting, but it is all part of the fun. Don also stressed the importance in being responsible and being an adult for this program. All guidelines that I have absolutely no problem with.

But today, I get to leave my first mark on this website. It feels fresh and old at the same time. And that makes me content.

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  1. Jobel,

    While this may seem like deja vu all over again, once you enter that classroom at Yale you're going to realize that you're in a world that you've never experienced before. Some people might liken it to a wonderful new adventure and others will need therapy for years to repress the memories.

    This is an E-Ticket ride, Jobel, and once you get on the ride and the security bar is lowered, there's no turning back.