Friday, May 18, 2012

Beginning of a Long Journey

Yesterday was the Yale dinner in RN74, a beautiful restaurant in a beautiful city. Overall, the evening can be described as magnificent.

Former students, chaperones, my cohorts, and I congregated in El Cerrito Plaza Bart station; we all went to the restaurant as a group. While waiting for some of the other members of the group to arrive,  many people approached and inquired us about the Ivy League Connection Program. I was very proud to describe the wonderful program and about my class in Yale. Interacting with my cohorts and their respective parents on the BART was pleasant.

As we entered the restaurant, we met many alums  who were extremely interesting and well accomplished - the first person I talked to was a Yale undergraduate and a Stanford Law School graduate - from whom I learned  a substantial amount of information about not only Yale, but also the opportunities that I will have in any college. Listening to everyone's experiences in college made me indescribably excited for my summer program and the actual college, which is only a year away.

Each of the Yalies were then seated next to Yale graduates. I sat next to an 09' graduate in Theater and Political Science. She was, indubitably, an amazing and extremely interesting person - we had discussions about things ranging from her broken elbow to her years in Argentina to her experience in Yale. She told me a lot about the curriculum in Yale that really interested me. For example, a Yale student only takes 1/3 of her classes based on her major. She explained that because Yale is a liberal arts school, students have plenty of opportunities to experiment different subjects and invoke their passions. When I told her that I was considering going into engineering, she told me that she had a brother in Carnegie Mellon University who is majoring in biomedical engineering. I told her that both the university and the major really interested me and she then told me that she would introduce me to her brother. 

This dinner was such a wonderful experience because I learned about the details that I cannot find in any website or pamphlet. I also got an opportunity to network with people who were so helpful and educative. I would like to give my utmost thanks to the Ivy League Connection for arranging this dinner and giving me such an opportunity. 

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