Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Pleasant Way to End a Hectic Month

This month was indubitably hectic and busy. I had a total of four major Ivy League Connection events, AP tests, and the SAT to take care of, but overall, this month was nothing short of amazing.

Tonight was the last major event: the orientation. During it, we learned a bit more about the miscellaneous things: what to pack, what to borrow from Don, and some of our respective itineraries. We split up into our travel groups and Yohanna, a former Grand Strategist and a current Yale undergrad, informed us a lot about almost everything, ranging from dorm-life to classroom etiquette.

It was nice to see all 42 members of the Ivy League Connection congregate as not only many individual groups, but a big one as a whole. I speak for almost everyone when I say that as the countdown for our trips begins, we are all getting more and more excited. I also think that all of us will make the Ivy League Connection proud. 

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