Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Standing Before the Pinole City Council

Last evening, the Pinole Valley High School Ivy League Connection participants gathered at Town Hall to be presented to our City Council. Initially, I was afraid I would not make the meeting, but thankfully changes at the last second allowed me to join my fellow peers at this milestone event.

Each of us had the opportunity to speak before the City Council after being introduced by Mr. Ramsey and our principal, Ms. Kahn. It was such an honor to represent Pinole Valley High as well as our hometown - the small, quaint city of Pinole. I am very grateful to have been a student of the WCCUSD all my life - I realized, after listening to a few alumni (or soon-to-be alumni) of our school speak, such as Austin Long (Yale '15) and Andrew Gonzales (Brown '16), the sheer potential students from our underrepresented district have. Despite financial and educational disparities in high school, our students are still able to, with determination and hard work, achieve great things.

We were presented by our mayor with medals for academic achievement - an honor reserved for an elite group of Pinole Valley High students.

It was an event that allowed us to form a deeper connection with our city and community . As we began our journeys to the handful of prestigious universities this summer, we ought to remember to return to our roots here in Pinole.

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