Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thank You Home

Standing in line, I stared at the podium once again. It's been a year removed since I spoke to the City Council about the Ivy League Connection. And here I was again, shaking a bit, nervous, about another speech and another 'Thank you.'

We sat anxiously as we awaited Ms. Ishmael to call each of us by school, beginning with Brown and ending with Yale. I ended up being the last ILCer. This time around, I felt more confident with my speech, I felt like I was actually saying something meaningful, instead of simply being pithy.

And it is true, I am thankful, very much so. I am thankful for having grown up in such a wonderful community with great people. I am thankful that my school has been so supportive and has given me so many opportunities. I am thankful to the ILC for everything they did to help me grow up and understand going to college. And the list of thanks can go on and on, but it simply is summed up with "Thank You Home."

After my speech, Beilul and Terilyn (both Hercules students and former ILCers) gave their speeches. It was a nice callback to the year before, where they capped off the night as well. Then our chaperone Igor Litvin spoke.

Mr. Litvin was very keen on explaining that Hercules is a great school and that we had so much potential. "I know a lot of students look up to their teachers, but I should be looking up to them," he said. Those words were deep and piercing to many of us.

After we gave our thanks, we spoke with the members of the City Council and took our group picture. Perhaps one day, I will look at the two pictures and compare. I'm sure I can find quite a few positive changes.

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