Sunday, May 20, 2012

Unraveling Yale

It was a beautiful night on the 17th of May 2012. This day marked another milestone event before the great journey to Yale. I was anxious as I did not know what to expect from the dinner at RN74. However, by the end of the night, I came home with a different psyche. Let's take it back to the gathering at the El Cerrito Plaza bart station.

Rushing to get to the bart station by 5:15, I was surprised to see only Don Gosney. My fear of being late was obliterated. Thank goodness. Within in a matter of minutes, the group which consisted of alumni, cohorts, and chaperones was almost complete. When we arrived to SF, a breath of exhilaration took over me. Walking with my cohorts, alumni, and ILC administrators made it feel like we were in the east coast already.

Once we were inside the restaurant, we met up with all the other alumni. It was truly incredible to meet all of these successful people. The first to have spoken with my group were two Yale graduates, Michael Montana ('03) and Laura Hurtado ('04). They told us about what Yale has to offer and how it benefited them. It was interesting to find out that Yale wasn't their top choice until their senior year in high school. After briefly conversing with other alumni, we were all seated. Charles Ramsey stood before us and gave an introductory speech. Following his speech was a description of the Grand Strategies program given from a fellow cohort, Julia Chang of Pinole Valley High. Next to speak was  Dave Olson ('86). His speech was very motivational and encouraging. Afterwards, the dinner began.

Just to briefly discuss my dinner, I chose the carrot soup, scottish salmon, and pot de creme. The option was small, but the food was delicious. The service was great and so was the presentation of the food. The pot de creme certainly wrapped up my dining experience at RN74.

My table consisted of two alumni, Eli Luberoff ('09) and Kristina Yee ('89). Although Eli Luberoff was placed across the table from me, which made it hard to converse, I still managed to have an interesting talk with him. I found out that he majored in math and physics and created his own mathematical software. I also spoke with Kristina Yee. She was in a social position much like myself but was able to earn a scholarship based on her writing skills. She told me anything can be achieved and was very helpful much like Dave Olson in terms of encouragement. What I learned from all of the alumni was that Yale has lots of opportunities, a great atmosphere that sets it apart from other universities, and that we('12 ILC YISP members) are the future. On the way home, I had a pleasant conversation with Ken Yamaguchi ('92). He told me that he was conflicted with the choice of going to Stanford or Yale. This was certainly appealing because Stanford is one of my top choices for college. After visiting Yale he fell in love with it's atmosphere and decided to go there.

Events like these are very helpful. Not only do they boost morale, but they also help to give a better understanding of what we are to expect from college, in particular Yale. I would have never guessed that so many opportunities await in the east coast. One of the purposes of the ILC is to open the possibility to colleges outside of California. Even though I haven't visited any colleges in the east coast yet, I'm already buying in to the possibility. Yale is awaiting me this summer, and its opportunities will unravel before my eyes. 

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