Saturday, June 2, 2012

Almost There

It seems not too long ago when I was chosen as a member of the ILC's Grand Strategies course. Time passes by fast! This month was filled with AP testing, SAT, ACT, school finals, and several major ILC events. It has been stressful and hectic, but this month has also been pleasant.

The month of May was wrapped up with the last and major event of the ILC, the orientation. Mr. Ramsey began the orientation by stressing the importance of punctuality. After discussing what kind of loaner items there were and what loaner meant, we dispersed into our respected travel groups. Here we talked with Yohanna about the daily schedule of the GS program. We also got into specifics on matters such as the dress code and also spoke about the Marshall Brief. In addition to that, we were given our itineraries. The list of hotels that we are to stay at prior to arriving at Yale are very nice. I think the hotel experience will be very spectacular and that is something I'm certainly looking forward too.

This event was important for the students and the parents as well. I'm sure they were relieved to find out that their children are in safe hands. In addition, the orientation has been very informational for everyone. All of the little worries and anxiety are slowly dissipating and are instead, being replaced by excitement and eagerness. This summer will truly be life changing. I'm sure it will be hard to truly enjoy the college life in such a short time but I will try to absorb as much as I can. The departure date is July 22, 2012. We're almost there.

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