Friday, June 1, 2012

The Final Step

May ended with a bang - last evening, this year's ILC students completed one of their last milestone events, the Orientation. 

The assemblage convened at the newly constructed Pinole Middle School; as I sat down awaiting the commencement of the affair, I couldn't help but contrast the polished floors and spotless stage to how my high school, Pinole Valley High, would look after the completion of its reconstruction. Although I will have long moved on from the school by the time the new buildings are completed, I am still very much anticipating them.

The meeting came to order shortly after, and after some brief speeches as well as reviewing other logistics such as packing, we broke out into our respective groups. A handful of past participants of the program, such as Yohanna Pepa and Cristina Pelayo, were present to provide us with more information and suggestions that they had accumulated through their own experiences at the summer programs.

Itineraries were distributed, and details were solidified last night. It was a wonderful way of reassuring the many anxious parents that their children will be in good hands within the duration of their educational pursuit this summer. 

The seconds are rapidly ticking by as we approach our departure. Fifty days, give or take some, until the day we congregate at El Cerrito High School in the wee hours of the morning to embark to the east coast.

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