Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Day in Pennsylvania.

Today was a pretty hectic day. We woke up at 8 AM and got on a train headed towards Pennsylvania. The train was a two hour ride so it allowed for us to get much needed sleep.

I was hoping that as we traveled up north, the weather would be less humid. As I stepped out of the Philadelphia train station, I realized that what I hoped for was correct. We dropped off our baggage at the Sheraton Hotel and quickly headed to our tour of the University of Pennsylvania. 
Residential campus
The tour guide took us around the campus and ended it at the residential campus. I am truly glad that I came to visit the college. There was an instant appeal and I think it was the subtleness of the integration of the college and city life. There was also an undergraduate school called Wharton, that offered a dual enrollment program in international affairs and business. This sparked my interests. I never knew that the east coast had so much to offer. 

Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail.
Later we returned to the hotel to rest a bit. Afterwards we left to the restaurant, Butcher & Singer, and met up with the associates of the university. During the dinner, we discussed a lot of things ranging from what the admission officers look for to how the campus/city life is. They were very open and honest with their answers. I gained a lot of knowledge from them and at the same time managed to have a lot of fun. The night/dinner was great. The alumni were easy to talk to and we all enjoyed the food.

The purpose of the Ivy League Connection is to show students that college outside California is possible. Today showed me that college on the east coast is attainable.

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  1. Dang, Roger, that’s a mighty fine supper you’re showing us. Not to worry, though, I was able to throw a Marie Callender’s chicken pot pie in the nuclear oven and had me a fine dinner when I got home from the Richmond City Council meeting (about 1:30 AM). The point to this is that you don’t have to travel 2500 miles away to have a nice dinner. But your dinner sure looked a lot better than mine.

    I know that all of the rest of your readers are pleased that you learned so much from the tour, the info session and the dinner but do you think you might share some of these wonderful things with us? We need to read some of that “critical thinking” we’ve been talking a lot about.