Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Smooth Beginning

On July 22, I arrived at El Cerrito High approximately 2:20 a.m along with my cohorts. We checked the weight of our baggages, discussed travel plans, and then took group pictures. Shortly afterwards our shuttle to the airport arrived. Here we said our farewells and headed off towards the airport. I had mixed emotions during that time but overall I was enthusiastic. 

Humidity is my enemy.

My first experience riding an airplane wasn't bad at all. It felt like a roller coaster during the take off. I wasn't able to get much sleep because of the crowded conditions but it was manageable. We switched airplanes a few hours later at Denver, Colorado. When I arrived in Washington D.C, the humidity hit me right in the face. 

It was a little strange knowing that I was a few thousand miles away from home but it didn't actually feel too far. Once we unpacked at the hotel, we ate and then went sightseeing in D.C. We saw memorials, statues, the Washington monument, the capitol, and several other attractions. It was so humid and exhausting that all I could think about was drinking water. Water Water Water! It was surprisingly difficult to find a water fountain but fortunately I found one later. We were walking for hours and soon darkness overtook the skies. We weren't able to make it to the White House but were able to catch a glimpse of it on the way back to the Holiday Inn.

Today was a productive day. Everything went according to plans and we had a smooth beginning to a long summer. I'm excited for what the next few weeks has in store.

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