Sunday, July 29, 2012

And At Last, Grand Strategies Begins

Today begin early again. However, this time, none of us were sleepy or drowsy; rather, we were just excited for the rest of the day. After breakfast with Mr.Litvin, Mr. Ramsey, and Ms. Kronenberg, my cohort and I got ready to begin an experience that we have been awaiting for months.

When we arrived at Yale, there were not many people so the check-in process went smoothly. I found out that I live in a suite, but my room is a single, which is pretty nice. After unpacking and relaxing for a while, we went to our orientation tour, ate dinner, and had a small lecture about the rules and regulations that we must abide by. 

Afterwards, we were invited to watch a documentary called Fog of War, which is when we got a real taste of this program. Dean Coburn-Palo questioned and cross questioned us on various topics, including the justification of the atomic bomb, etc. The entire class was engaged in this discussion and everyone had a lot to say; everyone also got stuck when cross-questioned too much. This small showcase of this course was enough to excite me completely, as the topics we discussed today are definitely what I'm completely interested in. 

Tomorrow is the first real day of class and although I am nervous, my excitement surely overrides it.

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