Saturday, July 28, 2012

And at Last, New Haven

After a week of college touring and sightseeing, my cohort and I finally made it to New Haven, Connecticut this afternoon.

The first thing we did was go to Yale for another information session and tour. The info session was held by a charismatic and enthusiastic Yale alumni who gave us more insight into Yale than we expected. We learned about the endless opportunities Yale has to offer for its students, but more specifically, we learned about how Yale tries so hard to main individualism. As we were told, no two people -even those with similar majors and interests - have the same schedules. This desire to maintain individualism really shed a new light about Yale, as before, I was under the assumption that most institution preferred assimilation. We were also given information about how integrated the Yale undergraduates are. For example, in Yale, one does not apply into any specific school (school of sciences and engineering). Rather, she applies only for Yale college, which is the only undergraduate sub-school there is. This is really interesting to me because I like the concept of studying sciences and engineering in a liberal arts school, because while Yale can still provide me with everything I need to do well in engineering, I can still devote some of my time to studying other fields in liberal arts.

Next, we went to an engineering tour (which, I thought, was perfect!). Our tour guide was an ABAT accredited Chemical Engineer who just graduated a few months ago. She showed us all around campus and told us so much information about engineering. I learned that although the Yale School of Engineering is relatively newer, it is still on par with other engineering schools in terms of the opportunities that it offers. This is one thing that I definitely did not know much about, which is why I was all the more excited. Although it is undeniable that Yale is one of the best institutions in the country, not many people are aware of its engineering department specifically, which is one thing that counselors and teachers can work on. Because of this tour, Yale has definitely moved to the top of my list of schools that I want to apply to.

The dinner solidified my liking for Yale because all of the guests told me their different perspectives of Yale and why they like it. They talked to me about abroad studies and research opportunities, singing groups and clubs, and so many other things that just exponentially increased my interest in Yale. No two people talked to me about the same thing, which I really enjoyed. Also, who really helped enthrall me was the admissions officer, Aaron. The advice he gave and the things he said made me inspired and excited to apply to all colleges, not just Yale.

Overall, I found that hearing about first-hand experiences helps a lot more than just hearing about the information about the school. I found that learning about all of the amazing things that our dinner guests are doing in their time at Yale makes me that much more interested in Yale.

After one last college tour of Wesleyan, I start my course in the beautiful school that has already captured my heart. I can't wait!

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