Saturday, July 28, 2012


This week has been one of the most hectic weeks of my life, as we have had college tours and dinners every day for five days. However, regardless, we were all a bit nostalgic because today was our last tour; we ended our college touring with Wesleyan College, another small liberal arts school much like Vassar. My cohorts and I unanimously agreed that Wesleyan, with its beautiful and vast scenery and tall and majestic buildings, was a good way to end our journey through college touring.

As mentioned, Wesleyan is beautiful. When I walked into the campus, I was appalled at how nice the campus looked. Unlike all of the other colleges we've toured, Wesleyan seemed to focus a lot on its landscape and greenery, which definitely stood out the most.

During the tour, we learned how unique of a school Wesleyan is. Firstly, Wesleyan has an open-course curriculum, which is polar opposite from Columbia's strict core. This open curriculum never really stood out to me before, as I always thought that I would need a core to keep me focused and attentive. The Wesleyan tour guide, however, convinced me otherwise when he told us that he, as a neuroscience major on a pre-med track, completed his pre-med requirements his junior year and is now working on his senior thesis before beginning senior year. This example definitely showed me that a strict core is not necessary to do well in college. Another thing I learned is that Wesleyan, similar to Vassar, has the "3-2 program" for engineering majors. Something different about Wesleyan is that it is partnered with Caltech and Columbia, which was brand new information for me.

In the span of this past week, I have imbibed so much information about so many different colleges that I can now confidently say that I have a much more thorough knowledge of colleges. There is only so much that pamphlets and websites can convey; meeting in person, however, makes things so much more personal and gives people so much more individual perspective. I've taken a lot out of these college visits and now I can comfortably say that I know what I want in college.

After Wesleyan and lunch, we went to a Cabaret, which was a new and fun experience. We watched a one person show and were completely enthralled with her performance and with the plot of the play. At the end, we came to the consensus that Yale drama students are among the most talented people. I can't wait to see what else Yale has in store for us!

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