Sunday, July 22, 2012

Finally Here!

After congregating at 2:25 AM El Cerrito High School in what now seems like such pleasant weather, boarding two planes, and getting exhausted from lack of sleep, my cohort and I finally arrived to the East Coast.

We decided that the sleep on the plane was enough, so after checking into the hotel, we immediately set off to wander and explore DC. Right before that, we stopped for a bite of food, since we were all starving. We ate at a Turkish restaurant about two blocks down from the hotel.

Jobel, Julia, and Roger - starved and tired (before the food arrived). 
Mr. Litvin with what I have labeled as the most disgusting drink in the planet - Pickle and carrot juice?!
Immediately after eating, we took the shuttle to see a plethora of monuments and other tourist attractions, including Washington Monument, Lincoln Monument, Vietnam memorial, Korea memorial, etc. In total, we walked about three to four miles today, which is basically recording setting for myself and some of my other cohorts. 

After walking for some five hours, we were all starving. However, the fact that it was Sunday night made our options very limited. We ended up choosing to eat BBQ.
We ended the day with a late night excursion to Safeway because we were all hungry, even after Turkish food and BBQ. 

Overall, as tiring as today was, we are indubitably had a great first day, all thanks to the Ivy League Connection and Mr. Litvin. All of us cannot wait for what the next week has in store for us! 

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