Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Great Day!

Today started off as pretty hectic because I slept through the wake-up call and my alarm; I had about 15 minutes to get ready and pack everything to make it  to the train station on time. After the two hour train ride to Philadelphia, we relaxed for about an hour before we went to the University of Pennsylvania information session and tour.

Right as we walked onto the UPenn campus, I knew that I would love it there. The ambiance that Penn gave was so welcoming and warm that I automatically fell in love with it. Usually, such castle-like buildings intimidate me, but Penn's buildings just made me more comfortable with the campus. The information session and the tour further helped to bolster the initial feeling that I had about Penn.
Some of Penn's beautiful buildings.
After the tour, we went back and relaxed for a couple hours today rather than explore Philadelphia because all of us were so tired. We all went back to to the hotel to shower/nap/eat/relax.

At around 7:00, we took the cab to Butcher & Singer Restaurant, where we met up with Penn admissions officers and other representatives. Like my feeling when I first saw Penn, my feeling towards the dinner was that it was going to be great. Indeed, tonight's dinner lived above and beyond its expectations. I felt like the connection between me and the reps was immediately present, which is why I enjoyed it so much. One of the people who was at the dinner was an engineering major, which was perfect because I am really interested in engineering. She and everyone else convinced me that Penn balances academics and social life really well, which really attracted me to Penn.

Our food today was, as always, excellent. I started with the Mozerella and Tomato salad.
My main course with risotto.
Finally, my dessert was Apple Crumble with ice cream. Unfortunately, the restaurant was too dark and the photo does not accurately show the deliciousness of the dessert.

Overall, today was another amazing day that lived up to all of my expectations. From the start of today, I was excited to tour Penn, and I got so much more out of the tour than I expected. I thoroughly enjoyed touring and then dining with the amazing people who ate with us.

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  1. Tanya,

    Sleeping through the wake up call? I hope you get that out of your system before you need to be up and awake for your Grand Strategy course.

    Sounds like you learned things while at UPenn and again at the dinner. Perhaps you can share with us what you were told at both of these events and what you think about what you learned. This is what your readers want to read about.