Saturday, July 28, 2012

Last Stop

Wesleyan was our destination for the morning after we had breakfast in our hotel.

After a half-hour drive through the suburbs, we arrived at the campus. The ground was still wet with the heavy rain that poured throughout the morning, and we walked around the campus in search of the admissions office. During this period, we were able to freely explore the area and enjoy its wide spans of vibrant, green grass.

Most of the buildings are quite modern; although not quite aesthetically appealing, the buildings - dull as they were - were designed to reflect the weather.

Some of the more animated buildings on campus.

Because we visited Wesleyan on a Saturday, unfortunately, information sessions were not available. Our tour guides, however, were plenty informative in their extensive campus tour and a short chat we held afterwards.

Wesleyan has been need-blind until the recent year due to financial issues; despite this, the admissions process does its best not to base decisions solely on whether a student can or cannot afford to attend the institution. One hundred percent of a student's need is met, however, once admitted.

I am very glad to have visited Wesleyan; in all honesty I have not been aware of the school before we scheduled our tour.

This hectic week of a plethora of college visits have exposed me to so many different types of colleges in a myriad of environments; I've learned that keeping an open mind is crucial.

Later this evening my cohort and I, along with Mr. Litvin and Ms. Kronenberg, attended a cabaret ran by the Yale Summer Cabaret. We watched a performance of the K of D (Kiss of Death), and the entire script was delivered by a sole character. She did a fantastic job, and it was great to experience just one of the many activities that students at Yale engage in.

Tonight, we are packing our bags and preparing to check in tomorrow morning at Yale, where we will begin two weeks of an intense educational experience. We are all very excited and ought to rest up for another two weeks of packed activities and work - this time, however, it will be at Yale.

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