Monday, July 23, 2012

It Begins!

Today started relatively early for me - I woke up at 8:30. We got a quick breakfast in a locally owned coffee shop (which looked exactly like Starbucks) and made our way to Georgetown University for our information session and tour.

Personally, I think Georgetown University is one of the prettiest colleges I have seen. With its brick walls and castle-themed buildings, I could not help but connect Georgetown to Hogwarts. The information session and tour were both extremely informative because we learned a lot of fun facts about the school that we did not know before. Overall, other than the fact that Georgetown does not have an engineering school, I really liked the ambiance of the college.
View from one of Georgetown's dorms

After the tour, we took a cab back to the Mall to see everything that we did not yesterday, including the White House and the Supreme Court. We also went to the Archives and Museum of American History. Overall, we walked around for about three hours before returning to the hotel in time to get ready for our dinner with Georgetown students and faculty member.
White House!

We made our way to 1789, which is possibly the most lavish restaurant that I have gone to. My cohort and I had no problem talking to the representatives from Georgetown, as they were all extremely friendly and willing to answer all of our questions. I liked that they told us a lot about student life and other things on top of the academic aspect to Georgetown.

After such a long day, my cohort and I were extremely happy when our food arrived. To begin, we got a variety of bread, all of which were completely delicious.
Next, we had our appetizers. I got soup (the best tasting one that I've ever had).
We then got our main course. I had the mushroom-filled crepe.
Finally, we got dessert. Mine was a variation of Smores and ice cream.

Overall, regardless of how tiring the day was, I thoroughly enjoyed all the aspects to it. Attending the Georgetown tour and the dinner with the Georgetown representatives was so informative in so many ways, and touring DC with my cohort was fun and educational.

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  1. Mmmm, that bread was so delicious! Glad to hear y'all had a great time in DC and at Georgetown. Stay in touch!
    - Vail