Saturday, July 28, 2012

Reminisce the Past, Await the Future

Today started off with breakfast on the top floor of the Omni Hotel. The top (19th) floor had a surprisingly beautiful view of the architecture of New Haven. It started raining and I was quite ecstatic since it was my first time experiencing rain in the east coast. The car, during our ride to Wesleyan, was relentlessly barraged by raindrops.

Wesleyan’s campus was spacey, beautiful, and had a comfortable environment. It was similar to Vassar but the only difference I would say, is that it was slightly more urban in the sense that it wasn’t so isolated. We had a tour but no information session since they were not available during the weekends. We were able to speak with two tour guides and received extra information about the college. Quite frankly, the school doesn’t fit my criteria mainly because it isn’t urban enough.

We went to lunch right after and had a very interesting discussion about each of our high school. We talked about why students weren’t really buying into the ILC and how to assess the situation. We all certainly agreed that consistent and proactive communication was needed in order to improve the ILC applicant rates. The discussion was very deep and motivated me to better my school. I plan on advocating the ILC at my school by giving presentations to students and helping them through the process. This will be my senior year at high school so I feel as if I should try as hard as I can to make it better for my class and the younger generations.

We got back to the hotel and were able to rest up for about two hours before going to the Yale Summer Cabaret. I decided to take advantage of the fitness gym and burn off some calories from all of the previous dinners. It was great that I managed to get some exercise considering the week’s busy schedule. They say that exercising helps keep the mind and body focused, so this was much needed since the grand strategies course will begin tomorrow.

We congregated later and went go watch the Yale Summer Cabaret. It was very entertaining and the lady that performed was extremely talented. The act was called “The K of D.” It focused on an Ohio urban legend about a girl who had the kiss of death. The cabaret marked the last dinner with our chaperone. After today, we are to be on our own for the next two weeks.

The week has passed by so quickly. We traveled across three states and visited 6 colleges. I will certainly look back on the memories I made with my cohorts. Actually, we’re not only cohorts, but we’re friends. The time we spent together has certainly allowed for us to bond as a group. We’ve all been great to each other and in a way became a family. I hope that the program won’t sever this bond we have. Our jam packed schedule has finally halted and we have reached our destination. My next two weeks will be spent on Yale’s campus. This is a life changing experience. I will certainly reminisce on the past but I will also look forward to the future. 

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