Sunday, July 22, 2012

Skull&Bones 2

… And three months later, 22nd of July, 7 a.m. PST, flying over Nevada and Utah, basin and range. Got an hour of sleep in after a painless check-in and boarding, although Tanya had to give up a carry-on case—overhead bins overstuffed already.

Kids are crashed out. The reunion giddiness and adrenaline rush of preparations and departure have coursed their way through: summer highlights, check, AP results, check, Yale readings, check, sing a song together , check, shuttle ride over, time to get in some lines. What are we doing/where are we going tonight, when are we eating. Questions old as time. Traveling time.

Time to land in Denver. Luckily, gate to DC flight is right next door. Tanya goes right back to sleep on the floor.

Roger and Jobel wait till we board.

In DC, we catch a minivan cab to our hotel, unload, and grab some Turkish sandwiches down the street at the Divan Café. No more Turkish food, says Tanya. I respectfully disagree, licking my chops.
We catch the hotel shuttle to the Mall, and make the big round: 


to WWII, 

to Vietnam,

to Lincoln,

to Korea,

to MLK, 

to FDR,

to Jefferson,

to Capitol.

To barbeque!

And cab it home. 

No rest for the fortunate, though. Time for some electronic regurgitation.

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