Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Skull & Bones 4

Averaging four hours of sleep per last three nights, our intrepid youth rest on the N.E. Local 86 to Philly.

Philadelphia is hot, and UPenn is in full summer glory. We make our way down 36th to 1 College Hall to sign in, pick up the relevant literature, and head to the information session inside this fairy tale of a theater.

The info session is led by the Florida/Puerto Rico admissions rep, so... straight out of the horse's mouth... Then it's back outside for the tour.

Ben Franklin outside of College Hall
From library to engineering
Saw the famous Wharton School of Business, were deeply impressed by UPenn's granting the liberty to and  encouraging its underclassmen to take graduate level courses from their very first year. This makes for some focused, empowered youngsters. We were also inspired and reassured by our student guides that they loved their teachers, because the faculty is interested in them, is ridiculously available to them, and loves to spend time with them. This was later reiterated by our dinner guests, with example after example. 

Looks like Griffindor House, but it's just the dorms.
Think about this: at UPenn, if four students want to study a language that is not one of scores already on offer, the school will fly in a native speaking professor to teach them. Zulu, anyone? Chukchi? I can just see some corn-fed young thing coming home for break and engaging his/her bubele and zeidele in fluent Yiddish.

After almost three hours on campus (12 grad colleges, 4 undergrad colleges, all in one place, five minutes from old Philadelphia), we slug it home. We need sleep, or we'll be useless at dinner.

Butcher & Singer Restaurant, 7:30 PM. In attendance we have Amy Smith, Teran Tedal, Rachel Cohen, Andrew Zheng, Grace Truong, Rebecca Loh, and Dagny Fleischman, all alumni or rising alumni, some--admissions reps. We have the Chef's table, and what a table the Chef sets (thank you, thank you, thank you ILC).
Dagny, Teran, Rebecca, Rachel, Julia, Andrew, Grace, Jobel, Amy, Tanya, Roger
We of the Yale cohort are grateful to our wonderful, generous, brilliant, and captivating guests. They have infected us with their love of and enthusiasm for their alma mater. We are full of awe, but we have also been put at ease and made to feel welcome. We now dream of UPenn.

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