Saturday, July 21, 2012

So Close...

It has been about four months since my cohort and I got selected to go to Yale. None of us imagined how quickly so much time would pass, even with 8 hours before we have to meet up in El Cerrito High School for a final meeting before boarding the plane to the East Coast.

Being part of the Yale group has certainly been a different experience for me. I've never really had the experience of travelling alone or having to be independent with everything - packing, laundry, etc. It has, however, been an amazing experience already, as the whole preparation process itself has made me more ready for college. 

I can't wait to see what Yale has in store for me. Not only am I excited for the course, but I also cannot wait to see the type of people who will be there and the types of opportunities that will be presented to me. 

Only 7 hours and 29 minutes left.

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