Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Big Apple

Have you ever forgotten that you did something because you were so busy? Well, I've been feeling that way ever since I've arrived to the east coast. Time just zooms by and eludes us every time. 

This morning we caught a train from Philadelphia to New York. Things happen so quickly that I forgot we were even in Philadelphia this morning. We arrived to the Empire hotel a little later. We settled down and soon after, began our trek to Columbia University. On our way, we walked through Central Park. It was nice walking down the park. The weather was enjoyable and a view of the eastern side of New York just happened to remind me of The Great Gatsby.

We took a subway train to Columbia University. The college was really nice, small, and enclosed. Even though it was in New York, it still had a college feel to it. We had our information session with Diane Mckoy who was very informative. She spoke of all the exciting things that Columbia has to offer from club activities to its academics. Something that stood out was that they had over 200 international study abroad programs. We then had our tour and afterwards, got to speak with our regional admissions officer, Dana Pavarini. She helped answer some questions we had about the school. We learned that AP college credits are transferable but it doesn't exempt you from taking the course. Also, we learned that the engineering programs offered there were excellent. Something strange I learned was that every student, besides the engineer majors, had to pass a swimming test. The myth is that they needed to be able to cross the Hudson River to New Jersey in case of an attack by the British. I'm not so sure about that but it seems that every college we've visited so far has had some crazy/interesting stories behind it. We couldn't chat for too long since we had to leave to get ready for the dinner tonight. We were grateful to have her company though.

Columbia University

Times Square doesn't shine as bright as you.
me, man in a cookie monster suit, and Jobel
The ladies: Julia and Tanya

Tonight we ate at Trattoria Dell'Arte, a fancy italian restaurant. Here we met with students of Columbia University and a fellow grand strategist from Yale. It was nice getting to meet another group of superb students from  an amazing college. We conversed on a matter of subjects ranging from the Yale Ivy Scholars Program to each of their own reasons for applying to Columbia. It was very helpful to speak with Matt Arcinega who also took the grand strategies course. He gave some words of advice and it was to give it all I got. It may sound simple but hearing it from him somehow motivated me to want to try even harder. The dinner was delicious but the desert was even better! After desert was finished, Mr. Ramsey left and the entourage soon followed. We bid our farewells and then headed towards Times Square.
Times Square was beautiful. We toured around New York for a while and finally made it back to the hotel. This hotel is really nice but expensive. All the food items are outrageously priced and there's no water around! Anyways, today was a wonderful day. I managed to grab a couple of souvenir items (I love NY shirts) and tour around. Luckily we have another day to stay here. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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