Sunday, July 22, 2012

What To See in D.C.

In the wee hours of the morning - 2 AM to be exact - I rolled out of bed and headed to El Cerrito High School along with my mother. After going over several aspects of our trip with Don, we loaded ourselves into a shuttle and took off to SFO.

The journey to Washington, D.C. required a transfer flight; both sets of flights were tolerable. 

The first glimpse of Georgetown was a pleasing one - flower baskets overflowing with color hung from the lamps and the historic buildings created an atmosphere of charm. We drove through town in our taxi and arrived at our hotel, the Holiday Inn, in the late afternoon.

We decided to seize what we had left of the day to visit the National Mall. I was bubbling over with excitement - this was my first trip to the east coast, and the myriad of historic sites to visit was extremely tempting, especially after having completed AP United States History last school year. 

The Mall was unexpectedly vast. I glanced at tourists on bikes with a pang of envy as we hiked our way to the various memorials, but then again, the exercise and stretching of the legs was probably needed after hours of sitting idly on the plane. 

Standing before the detailed statue of Lincoln to the sleek Vietnam Veterans Memorial was an awing moment, and it opened my eyes to the dedication and pride all those who have served gave to ensure a better future for our country.

Standing in front of the breathtaking Washington Monument.

Abraham Lincoln.

View of the Monument from Lincoln's memorial.

Walls etched with the memories of U.S. involvement.

The exterior of Jefferson's memorial.

It was a wonderful way to begin our experience in the east coast; there is so much that it offers, and I am anticipating what tomorrow holds: a tour of Georgetown University and our first dinner, and perhaps a glimpse of the White House while we're at it.

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