Saturday, May 26, 2012

School Board Meeting

For a long time, I have wondered how school board meetings work. I envisioned all sorts of scenarios for a school board meeting, but it never occurred to me to actually attend one before Thursday. Initially, I was under the impression that these meetings would be mundane and soporific, but as I listened to all of the guest speakers and school board members speak, I realized how wrong I was. This meeting gave me a new perspective on not only the schools, but also the community as a whole. 

Before, I was not even aware that there was adult education (AE) in our district. However, after a few minutes of listening to people tell the board members how important the program is to them, I became an avid supporter of AE. I also realized how strong-willed the people in our district are. It really made me proud that despite the economic condition, the housing and job market crash (especially in our area), and all of the other problems, so many adults are taking the initiative to learn more. Also, it was reassuring to see that so many people cared about their children; most of the people who implored the school board to continue the Adult education program did so because they wanted to learn in order to help their children. 

After, the group took a large panoramic picture (the one used on the ILC website). I have been looking forward to this for a long time because I finally felt that I am really part of the this wonderful organization. 

I enjoyed this enlightening and amazing experience completely and I would really like to thank the ILC again. 

My First Experience in the City Council

On Tuesday night, all of the Ivy League Connection students from Hercules congregated in the City Hall for the city council meeting. This experience was nice because I was able to really talk to a lot of the kids from my school who are going to various schools this summer; although my Yale cohort and I are very close, the other students from Hercules, like Rachael Redlo, Frank He, and Kelly Xi, and I don't really mingle much.

I gave a small speech during the city council. I had come prepared for the speech, but as my turn to speak was approaching, I felt less confident about speaking with a script. Therefore, most of my speech was completely impromptu. Although it was not practiced and rehearsed, I really liked my speech and I realized how much Yale has already had an impact on me - before, I was shy to talk in front of a crowd, but I am much more comfortable now because I know that I am going to have to do so a lot in Yale.

After all of the students gave speeches, Mr. Litvin, our Yale chaperon, as well as most of our English teacher, said a few words. His speech was succinct, but it had a lot of substance to it. We also heard two former Ivy League Connection students, Beilul Naizghi and Terilyn Chen, tell everyone about their experiences.

Overall, the City Council meeting was another unique and different experience that I am thankful for attending. It turns out that every single event that is organized by the ILC gives me new perspective.