About the Ivy League Connection Yalies

The ILC Yalies with Yale alumni at RN74 in San Francisco. From left to right:
Eli Luberoff ('09), Lata Prabhakar ('97), Kristina Yee ('89), Julia Chang (Pinole Valley HS), Dave Olson ('86), Roger Pharn (De Anza HS), Michael Montano ('03), Jobel Vecino (Hercules HS), Ken Yamaguchi ('92), Tanya Krishnakumar (Hercules HS), Lian Walden ('09), Ka Mo Lau ('09/'11) & Laura Hurtado ('04)
We are the Yale University cohort representing the West Contra Costa Unified School District in the San Francisco Bay Area. We will be attending Yale University this summer to attend the Yale Ivy Scholars Program, taking part in the Grand Strategies course.

This program involves intensive reading on various strategies throughout history and all concepts, from economics to war. It also focuses on speaking, writing, and presentation skills with which are used to help mold the world's young leaders. Students from all over the world vie to take part in the Grand Strategies program, and only the cream of the crop are selected.

Our group consists of De Anza High School's Roger Pharn, Hercules High School's Tanya Krishnakumar and Jobel Vecino, along with Pinole Valley High School's Julia Chang. By clicking on the links below, each of us have written personal biographies that exemplify who we are and why we are gratified to be sent to New Haven this summer.

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