Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Finally, New York City!

Today started off with taking a train from Pennsylvania to New York. After a semi-long train ride, we spent some time marveling at New York City on our way to the hotel. We didn't have time to do much except drop our things off since we wanted to explore the city a little before heading off to Columbia University for our information session and tour. After touring some parks, we went to Columbia. Overall, Columbia gave a much different vibe than did Upenn and Georgetown. It seemed bigger, newer, and just overall really welcoming. With New York City at its fingertips, Columbia radiated an ambiance of studiousness as well as one of fun and life and culture that was a clear product of New York City.

After our information session, tour, and private information session, we came back and got ready to go to dinner with some Columbia people. We dined with some of the most interesting people I have met. Tonight's dinner was less about the college and more about something that I had been itching to have a nice conversation about: politics. I sat next to an Economics and Politics major, so it seemed fitting to have a enthralling discussion about both of those subjects. Overall, I would definitely say that tonight's dinner was my favorite of the three that we've had because it seemed a lot less formal. Rather, the dinner was simply just fun.

After the dinner, my fellow Yalies and I walked around New York to see many places, including Times Square.

Beautifully lit buildings in Time Square
Jobel and Roger having fun in Times Square

Today was yet another tiring but incredibly memorable and amazing day.

A Day in Pennsylvania.

Today was a pretty hectic day. We woke up at 8 AM and got on a train headed towards Pennsylvania. The train was a two hour ride so it allowed for us to get much needed sleep.

I was hoping that as we traveled up north, the weather would be less humid. As I stepped out of the Philadelphia train station, I realized that what I hoped for was correct. We dropped off our baggage at the Sheraton Hotel and quickly headed to our tour of the University of Pennsylvania. 
Residential campus
The tour guide took us around the campus and ended it at the residential campus. I am truly glad that I came to visit the college. There was an instant appeal and I think it was the subtleness of the integration of the college and city life. There was also an undergraduate school called Wharton, that offered a dual enrollment program in international affairs and business. This sparked my interests. I never knew that the east coast had so much to offer. 

Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail.
Later we returned to the hotel to rest a bit. Afterwards we left to the restaurant, Butcher & Singer, and met up with the associates of the university. During the dinner, we discussed a lot of things ranging from what the admission officers look for to how the campus/city life is. They were very open and honest with their answers. I gained a lot of knowledge from them and at the same time managed to have a lot of fun. The night/dinner was great. The alumni were easy to talk to and we all enjoyed the food.

The purpose of the Ivy League Connection is to show students that college outside California is possible. Today showed me that college on the east coast is attainable.